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6 Things to Know Before You Move to Australia

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6 Things to Know Before You Move to Australia

If you’re considering migrating to Australia, there are things about life in the Land Down Under that we feel you should know about. There is a lot more to Australian culture than just beer, barbecues, and hot weather (although there is also a lot of that). We’re talking about a land of genuine variety, where it’s possible to go skiing and surfing on the same day. Everything from the wildlife to the weather is colorful, exciting, and ever so slightly dangerous. Australia is a place where no two people will have the same experience unless they follow each other around. Let us guide you through all the essentials before you make the big move to Australia.

It is absolutely massive

More than three million square miles make up Australia. To put this into perspective, it is about the size of Europe. Yes, really. If you were to put a map of Australia over a map of Europe, am pretty sure it covers the whole thing. The distance between Portugal and Ukraine is far less than the distance between Perth and Sydney. It’s fair to say you need a decent supply of time and energy to see the whole country. Check out the gorgeous map.

There are bushfires

When the conditions are perfect, most of rural Australia can light up in flames. Unfortunately, conditions are right rather often. Every year, the country experiences an average of over 50,000 bushfires. If temperatures are high and winds are strong, Australia’s dry vegetation offers just the perfect fuel for a fire. All it takes is for something to start it, such as a lightning storm or a ‘bushfire arsonist’ (these people are very common). The damage can be devastating, destroying buildings, wildlife and sometimes killing people. Making sure there isn’t a lot of natural debris around your home is the greatest thing you can do, so removing fallen leaves and branches is essential. Bring your rake with you when you move.

Beware of the sun

When the sun shines in Australia, it shines. Summer temperatures in some areas can be extremely hot (sometimes well over 40°C) and by 2040 they’re expected to reach 50°C. Recent heat waves in Sydney have melted tarmac roads and sadly killed hundreds of baby bats. However, danger does not only come from the heat. We, humans, need the Earth’s ozone layer to protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but the ozone layer directly above Australia is thin. This makes the Aussie sun especially strong, which is why the 1980s ‘Slip Slop Slap’ campaign was created. If you want to stay safe, slip on a shirt, slap on some sun cream, and slap on a hat. And it has to be in that order.

Smoking costs a bomb

The Australian government doesn’t want their citizens to smoke, so they made it very expensive. Smokers pay USD$0.7 of tax per cigarette, which is one of the highest tobacco taxes in the world. It’s likely to increase, too; every September, the tax rate will increase by 12.5%, eventually making a pack of cigarettes cost around USD$40. and It’s working, with the adult smoking rate in Australia having nearly decreased in half since 1980. Deutsche Bank listed Melbourne and Sydney as the world’s two most expensive cities for buying a pack of cigarettes (with prices around USD$20). If you’re moving to Australia with a smoking habit, it might be time to kick the cigs.

Jaywalking is a crime

You can’t just cross the road whenever you feel in Oz, unless you feel like spending the rest of your life cooling off in an Aussie prison cell. just joking, the penalty is just a fine of AUD$70, but it’s still something to be wary of. Over 10,000 pedestrians in New South Wales received fines for jaywalking between 2014 and 2017. The rules are simple: you must use a designated crossing point, such as a zebra or pelican crossing. If you can’t see one, walk for miles until you can. You’ve probably noticed by now that Australia’s super laid-back reputation doesn’t really apply to walking. If you’re not going to do it properly then you should probably just stay at home.

Stay on the left

Most people know that Aussies drive on the left, but did you know that they also walk on the left? It seems like quite a sensible system so we’re surprised that more countries haven’t adopted it. In the UK, for example, the orderly road system falls apart once you’re on the pavement; you can walk on whatever side you want. But in Australia there are rules to follow when you’re on foot, thank God. Unless you’re overtaking on an escalator, keep left. It’s not a crime to walk on the right, but people will think you’re dumb



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