Home Education Does the backlog affect admissions in Australia?

Does the backlog affect admissions in Australia?

Does the backlog affect admissions in Australia?

Does the backlog affect admissions in Australia?

If you are planning on studying abroad but you are worried about your backlog, no need to worry; many students face the same problems and sometimes wonder if it will affect their plans to study abroad.

In this article, we will explore the impact of backlogs on your study abroad plan how many universities accept backlogs, and how many they accept. But first, what is a backlog

What are Backlogs

In this context, backlog refers to a subject or course that a student failed to pass or is yet to complete. It is a common practice in most schools that students have to clear certain courses before progressing to another level of their academic program.

Students with backlogs are students who fail to clear the number of courses required in a given semester or academic year and will have to take them in the next academic year or semester. however, this can lead to a delay in their graduation or impact their overall academic performance. So it’s important to learn how to clear backlogs in degrees in order to move students’ academic journey.

Different schools have their methods of calculating backlogs, here are two principal methods:

  • One way universities and colleges determine student backlogs is by counting the number of failed subjects. This method, used in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, tallies each uncleared subject, regardless of the number of attempts made to clear it.
  • A different way to calculate backlogs is by considering the total number of attempts made to pass a failed subject. This method, which is commonly used in countries like Australia, takes into account the number of times a student has tried to pass a subject and is used to assess their commitment to their education.

Does backlog affect admission in Australia?

Having backlogs may seem like an obstacle to achieving your dream of studying abroad. However, there are certain universities that may accept students who previously had backlogs, on the condition that they have cleared them before applying for admission. It is important to note that different universities have varying policies regarding backlogs. While some universities are strict and do not accept more than 3-4 backlogs, others may allow up to 10-15 backlogs. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the number of backlogs you have before selecting a country and ensure that your backlog history aligns with the policies of the universities you are interested in.

Universities in Australia that accept backlogs

Below is the list of universities in Australia that accept backlogs

Number of Backlogs Universities accepting backlogs
0-5 backlogs University of Sydney

Monash University

Queensland University

University of Melbourne

5-10 backlogs Curtin University

Flinders University

10–15 backlogs La Trobe University

Edith Cowan University

University of Technology Sydney

15+ backlogs James Cook University

Charles Sturt University

University of Wollongong

University of Newcastle

Federation University

University of South Australia

Murdoch University

University of Southern Queensland

Central Queensland

When you must have cleared your backlog you must get a separate certificate for it, known as a “Backlog Certificate” This includes details about your backlog like:

Number of backlogs

  • Number of attempts
  • Name of subjects
  • Exam held on dates
  • Exam cleared on dates
  • Semester information

Note: It is necessary for the backlog certificate to be printed on the college’s letterhead, signed by the Principal or Dean, and stamped with the college seal. Providing incomplete or incorrect information in the backlog certificate may impede your visa clearance..


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Does the backlog affect admissions in Australia?


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