Are you considering becoming an Australian citizen? Becoming a citizen of Australia is a process that requires an understanding of the eligibility requirements, application process, forms and documents required fees and costs, and completion and outcome of an application. This article provides an overview of all these elements to help you make informed decisions regarding your citizenship application. Read on to learn more about what it takes to become an Australian citizen.

Eligibility requirements

Applying for Australian citizenship is a process that requires you to meet certain eligibility requirements. These include being at least 18 years of age, having been a permanent resident in Australia for at least 4 years with the last 12 months being in Australia, passing the Australian values statement, having a good working knowledge of English and passing the citizenship test.

In order to meet the age requirement for applying for Australian citizenship, you must be at least 18 years old or over. If you are under 18 and wish to apply for Australian citizenship, you will need to seek approval from the Minister before proceeding with your application.

In order to meet the permanent residence status requirement, applicants must have been living in Australia as a permanent resident for at least 4 years prior to submitting their application. Additionally, during this time they must have lived in Australia continuously for at least 12 months immediately prior to lodging their application. The Department of Home Affairs may also require further evidence of continuous residence if required.

Applicants are also required to pass the Australian values statement which is an assessment designed by the government as part of its commitment to maintain and promote national security and community safety in Australia. It covers topics such as gender equality, religious freedom and respect for diversity among other things.

Eligibility requirements

The English language proficiency requirement is another essential element when it comes to applying for Australian Citizenship. Applicants must demonstrate a good working knowledge of English by either providing acceptable evidence or taking an approved language test (IELTS). This can help ensure that applicants are able to participate fully in all aspects of life in Australia such as participating in civic duties, finding employment and understanding laws and regulations applicable here.

Finally, all applicants must pass the citizenship test which tests an applicant’s knowledge about life in Australia including its culture, society and history amongst other things. This test is designed not only assess one’s level of understanding but also assess how well they can communicate this understanding orally or written form should they be called upon do so during their application process or on becoming an official citizen of Australia after successful completion of their application process.

Application process

Applying for Australian citizenship requires a detailed and thorough application process. The Department of Home Affairs has specific eligibility requirements that must be met before an application can be submitted, including age, residency, language proficiency and passing the citizenship test.

The first step is to submit Form 1300t – Application for Australian Citizenship. This form must be completed accurately and with all of the required supporting documentation attached. Supporting documents may include evidence of identity, proof of residency in Australia over 4 years, English language proficiency tests results or evidence of exemption, and any other relevant documents as per the Department’s instructions.

Once all the necessary documentation has been submitted with the form, applicants should submit their application via post or online (for eligible applications). When submitting an online application, applicants will need to pay the applicable fee using a valid credit card. If submitting by post, payment can be made via cheque or money order made payable to ‘Department of Home Affairs’.

Application process

Upon receipt of an application for Australian citizenship from the Department’s office, applicants will receive an acknowledgement letter confirming that their details have been accepted and that their application is being processed. Applicants should keep this letter safe as it includes important information about their case in regards to tracking future progress with their application status.

The outcome of an application for Australian citizenship will usually take up to 12 months to process depending on individual circumstances; however some cases may take longer if additional checks are required or further information is needed from the applicant. Once a decision has been made on an applicant’s case they will receive written notification outlining whether their request was successful or not. It is important for applicants to note that there are no appeals against decisions made by the Department in regards to applications for Australian Citizenship. All decisions made are final and non-negotiable so it is essential that applicants provide accurate information and follow all steps outlined in order to ensure a smooth process when applying for citizenship in Australia.

Forms and documents required

Achieving Australian citizenship involves submitting a range of paperwork and documents. This includes a valid passport or other travel document, proof of identity such as an Australian driver’s license, birth certificate or other evidence, plus supporting documentation for instance a marriage or divorce certificate (if applicable). Additionally, two recent passport-style photos must also be submitted that meet the relevant criteria.

All documents should be certified copies with English translations if necessary. Completing Form 1300t is another requirement; this form can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website and serves to assess each applicant’s eligibility according to the criteria listed in section 21 of the Australian Citizenship Act 2007. It also helps identify any extra information or fees needed for processing.

Additional evidence may include further details about criminal records checks, character background checks and employment history. Personal contact with immigration authorities should also be documented thoroughly to maintain accuracy throughout the entire application process.

It is essential that all forms are completed accurately and truthfully; any false or misleading information provided could lead to delays and more severe consequences such as criminal charges being laid against applicants who deliberately provide false information. In order to avoid delays in processing times which usually take up to 12 months from receipt of a valid application by the Department of Home Affairs until completion, applicants must ensure they provide all necessary paperwork when applying for Australian citizenship.


Fees and costs

Applying for Australian citizenship involves fees and costs that need to be taken into account. The base application fee is $285 per person, with additional costs for interpreting services, document certifications, and tests such as medical checks or language tests. All fees must be paid before the application can be submitted and accepted by the Department of Home Affairs.

Applicants can pay this fee online using a credit card or by mail using a money order. Applicants should not send cash payments via mail as they will not be accepted. It is important to note that payment of the fee does not guarantee the successful outcome of an application; it merely covers the cost of processing it.

In addition to these fees, applicants may also need to pay a Citizenship Test fee of $105 if they are 18 years old or over at the time of their application. This fee covers the cost of conducting and marking the test, which assesses an applicant’s knowledge about life in Australia. The test is designed to ensure that those applying for Australian citizenship meet certain standards and requirements set out by the government.

Fees and costs

It is important to note that all fees are non-refundable regardless of whether an application is successful or unsuccessful. Furthermore, any changes made after submitting an application may incur additional costs so it is advisable to check with the Department before making any amendments.

Fees and costs are an important part of applying for Australian citizenship but they should not be seen as barriers to achieving your goals – there are resources available to help you understand what you need and how much it will cost you. Knowing what expenses you could face when applying will help make sure your finances are in order before starting your journey towards becoming an Australian citizen.


Completion and outcome of application

Upon submitting an application, applicants will receive a confirmation letter and be informed of any further requirements such as attending an interview or providing biometrics. Processing may take between six to twelve months depending on the case. If approved, applicants will acquire a certificate of Australian citizenship which is required for certain government services or jobs and gives them access to all the rights that any other citizen of the country enjoys, including voting in federal elections.

Rejection of an application can be challenged if desired through a review process or new evidence can be submitted with another application after waiting 28 days and paying any applicable fees again. The entire process should be taken seriously as it involves many steps that must be completed to ensure success; allowing sufficient time for processing and being aware of potential costs are important factors in achieving this goal.


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