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How to Apply For The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Program


How to Apply For The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Program

This article contains information on how to apply for The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Program 2023/2024

How to Apply For The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Program

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation was established by Congress in 1986 to serve as a living memorial to honor the lifetime work of Senator Barry Goldwater, who served his country for 56 years as a soldier and statesman, including 30 years in the U.S. Senate.

By providing scholarships to college sophomores and juniors who intend to pursue research careers in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering, the Goldwater Foundation is helping ensure that the U.S. is producing the number of highly-qualified professionals the Nation needs in these critical fields. Over its 30-year history, Goldwater Scholarships have been awarded to thousands of undergraduates, many of whom have gone on to win other prestigious awards like the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Fellowship, Rhodes Scholarship, Churchill Scholarship, and the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship that support our Scholars’ graduate school work. Today, Goldwater alumni can be found conducting research that is helping defend the Nation, finding cures for catastrophic diseases, and teaching future generations of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

How to Apply For The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Program


Accredited 2- and 4-year U.S. academic institutions that have a Foundation-identified Goldwater Campus Representative may nominate up to four currently or previously matriculated students annually. A student may not be nominated by more than one institution in a competition cycle. A four-year school may nominate a 5th student if one or more of the nominated students is a transfer student or Veteran. They may nominate up to six students if they have both a transfer student and a veteran. No direct student applications or nominations by campuses without a Goldwater Campus Representative will be considered.

To be eligible for nomination for a Goldwater Scholarship, a student must:

  • Be a matriculated sophomore or junior pursuing a degree at an accredited 2- or 4-year institution of higher education and be a full-time matriculated student during the academic terms when receiving scholarship support from the Foundation.
  • Intend to pursue a research career in a natural science, mathematics, or engineering,
  •  Have a college grade point average of at least 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, and
  •  Be a U.S. citizen or national from the 50 States, District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, and any other territory or possession of the United States; or a permanent resident. A permanent resident must submit a photocopy of their Permanent Resident Card, also known as a Green Card.

The natural sciences, engineering, and mathematics fields and sub-fields used by the Goldwater Foundation to determine eligibility are those used by the National Science Foundation for its Graduate Research Fellowship Program. These include Chemistry, Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering, Engineering, Geosciences, Life Sciences, Materials Research, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, and Psychology. To view a field’s sub-fields, click on the field in the table below.

>>>> https://goldwaterscholarship.gov/eligibility/ – tabs_desc_1002_1

While research in medicine is not supported by the National Science Foundation, students interested in pursuing careers in medicine or veterinary medicine are eligible for a Goldwater Scholarship IF RESEARCH IS A CENTRAL PART OF THE STUDENT’S CAREER GOALS.

Fields of Study


Payment Request Process

A Goldwater Scholar becomes eligible for funding at the beginning of the award year’s fall semester. The Foundation offers safe online access to the necessary forms. The following is a general timetable for the payment procedure. Each form comes with clear instructions and deadlines. If they are unable to meet the deadlines, scholars must inform the Foundation.

All forms must be submitted electronically.

                                                              CHECK OUT



Important Changes in 2024the  Goldwater Competition:


  • Students can be nominated if not enrolled full-time (but must be a full-time matriculated student during the academic terms when receiving scholarship support from the Foundation).
  • Essays must include a title.
  • Students may be nominated by the school that the school in which the student is currently matriculated or by a school from which the student matriculated (e.g., a community college). A student may not be nominated by more than one institution during a competition cycle.
  • Added a description of the review process. It can be found under Program Essentials.
  • Hyperlinks cannot be included in essays or letters of recommendation.


CR Dashboard Nomination Process

  • New for 2024, Campus Representatives may nominate up to six students if they have both a transfer student and a veteran (i.e., their fifth and sixth nominees cannot be two transfer students or two veterans).

Duration of Awards

Junior grant recipients can anticipate receiving funding for a maximum of two semesters, or until graduation, whichever comes first, or for the duration of the award. The greatest amount of time that a scholar can expect to be supported is two years or , or until graduation, whichever comes first. All funding will be regularize by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and will be subjected to review by an authorized official of the institution that certifies:

  • The Scholar is a full-time student and is taking a course of study, training, to prepare for a research career in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering.
  • The Scholar is in good academic standing.

Other academic calendars will be accommodated.

Upon application to the Foundation, a Scholar may seek postponement of their award for health reasons or other mitigating circumstances.

Funding levels for all scholarships are subject to the availability of funds. All payments are processed by the Terms and Conditions.



                                                     APPLY NOW


                   Via this link >>>>> https://apply.scholarsapply.org/

Description of Forms

This form indicates acceptance of the Goldwater Award and the conditions associated with the award. Scholars access the SAF via their Goldwater Account.


After Scholars have received their awards in April, the Foundation makes the DD form available to them. All payments shall be made by electronic money transfer by the Foundation. Only the Goldwater awardee’s checking or savings account may receive scholarship cash. Payments from the Treasury Department cannot be made to investment accounts or accounts that don’t belong to the Scholar. A joint checking or savings account is acceptable as long as the Scholar’s name is on it. Do not use a parent’s or significant other’s bank account unless you are specifically listed on the account. As long as the Scholar is the main account holder, custody accounts are acceptable.

How to Apply For The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Program


The Foundation provides Scholars access to the PRF in June. Scholars may not submit forms until after their financial aid and cost of attendance for the upcoming academic year have been finalized.


The amount of each scholarship is decided by the Foundation depending on the Scholar’s college costs and financial aid (scholarships, grants, etc.). The Goldwater Scholarship will pay for your tuition, required fees, housing, board, and books ($1,000). Benefits from other sources are supplemented but not duplicated by payments from the Goldwater Foundation. In other words, the total amount of financial aid received cannot exceed the cost of books, lodging and board, required fees, and tuition for a whole academic year. Scholars are required to contact the Goldwater Foundation as soon as their academic standing changes. Scholars considering studying abroad or whose academic program includes an internship or co-op must contact the Foundation before submitting their PRF.

For students who receive a Goldwater Scholarship in their sophomore year of college, a PRF is required for each year of eligibility and a transcript is required for the second year of funding.

Goldwater Payment Policies

It will be taken into account as the student’s final financial award for the academic year for which the Goldwater Scholarship is being given at the time the amount of the scholarship is determined and given. The student’s current community, corporate professional, and other comparable awards, as well as any academic scholarships, fellowships, tuition waivers, grants for basic educational opportunities, and other similar honors, must be listed. (Exclude family, Veteran’s Administration, loans, work-study, research stipends, resident assistant support, or the student’s employment).

No institutionally controlled scholarship, fellowship, grant, or other similar award may be decreased in value once the Goldwater Scholarship’s amount has been decided upon. The Goldwater Institute will put a college or university on probation if it reduces an institutionally regulated prize. During the probation, students from the institution may be nominated for a Goldwater Scholarship. However, should a student be named a Scholar, the student will be recognized as a Scholar, but no scholarship support will be provided.

How to Apply For The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Program

Scholarship Support Received After the Goldwater Scholarship is Determined for an Academic Year

After Goldwater funding for the academic year is disbursed to the Scholar, additional scholarships or financial awards received for that year will not reduce the amount of Goldwater support. Scholarships received after disbursement do not need to be reported to the Foundation. However, if the new award is a multi-year award and the Scholar is eligible for two years of Goldwater support, the new award must be reported on the Scholar’s second PRF.

Change in Academic Status

The Scholar is responsible for notifying the Foundation of any change in academic status (e.g., early graduation, failure to maintain good academic standing). A change in status may require the Scholar to repay all or part of the funding provided by the Goldwater Foundation.

A Scholar may seek postponement of their award for health reasons or other mitigating circumstances. Please contact the Foundation for more information.

Study Abroad

Scholars must consult with the Foundation before signing up for an overseas program, as some costs associated with being overseas cannot be covered. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Scholars interested in studying abroad must contact the Foundation office to discuss funding well in advance of the study abroad experience.

How to Apply For The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Program

Change of Scholar’s Contact Information

Scholars should send the updated information to Anne Marie Kanakkanatt at goldwaterao@goldwaterscholarship.gov. A Scholar cannot make these changes by logging into their student account on the Goldwater online application.

Annual Report Instructions

Scholars are required to submit a brief (one page is sufficient), yearly report in letter format to the Foundation that provides the following information

  • advanced degrees sought and graduate school(s) attended,
  • fellowships and awards received,
  • a brief description of your research, and
  • any additional information deemed significant, particularly as it relates to your Goldwater award.

Beginning the year after graduation and continuing for a total of four (4) years, the report must be sent by June of each year. The Foundation must be notified of any changes to the Scholars’ mailing addresses, and they must do so via email rather than by accessing their online Goldwater application accounts. Throughout their academic careers, scholars are encouraged to communicate with the Foundation.

How to Apply For The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Program

The Foundation staff will send everyone an annual reporting form through email  to make the  process easier. By submitting the survey by June 30, scholars can meet their annual reporting requirements.  If you do not receive the electronic form, contact Anne Marie Kanakkanatt at goldwaterao@goldwaterschip.gov. Annual reports shall be accepted using the template and instructions below.



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