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How to write a deferral request

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How to write a deferral request

Are you wondering how to write a deferral letter? Looking for a deferment sample? Once you’ve figured out what deferral is (and why you need it), setting that step will get your journey off to the right start.

But before diving into writing a request ensure to check your college’s deferral policy. Each school has its rules, so ensuring you know if your chosen school will permit you to ask for a deferral and also how they want you to do it—will in turn help you ensure your request is successful.

When to send your request

The most important part of knowing how to write a deferral request is knowing the deadlines. Most schools that offer a deferral will have a strict deadline to receive requests. Some schools have deadlines around May to July but ensure you verify your exact deadline when looking into the school’s deferral policies.

Why should you request a deferral?

A typical reason to request a deferral is if the funding you had for school fell through and you need another year to save or apply for fellowships and financial aid. Or if a personal situation arises, such as the death of an immediate family member and the need to support your surviving family financially,

Tips for writing a deferral request

  • Be specific
  • Explain why
  • Go For Quality Over Quantity
  • Don’t Worry If Things Change

Deferral Request sample (via email)

Subject: Deferral Request for John Hall (Applicant #1234)

Dear [name of the admissions officer who signed your admission letter],

My name is John Hall (Applicant #1234). I was just admitted to the master’s program at Sydney University. I’m delighted to have been admitted to the program and can’t wait to start.

I am writing to request a deferral to the program.

[This is where you state your reason for requesting a deferral. This part should be concise and professional. Focus on briefly stating the situation, stay solution-focused, also don’t try to appeal to sympathy; just state facts and make your request.]

In order to maintain my place in the next academic session, I am happy to submit the form and deposit.

Please do let me know if I am to provide additional information. Thank you for your consideration.

John Hall

After submitting your deferral request

After submitting your request, check back in with the admissions office if you don’t hear from them in two weeks. Don’t let the deadline for accepting your place pass if there is a chance you can make it to school.

But if you do receive the deferral, make sure to follow up on any next steps like submitting your deposit, submitting any other forms they need, and taking any pre-matriculation coursework they ask you to take, etc.

After that, make sure you put your affairs in order so you will be ready to matriculate in the following year’s class.


How to request an admissions deferral


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