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Some Resumes That Might Cost a Job


Some Resumes That Might Cost a Job


Grammar and Spelling Errors

The kind of words, nomenclature, and grammar you use speaks loud about who the person is, it ruminates the person’s level of professionalism as well as the level of personality.


Some Resumes That Might Cost a Job

It also speaks about your level of qualification which can be easily forgotten or abandoned because of some grammatical errors.

spelling and typos are the most common mistakes people make when writing a resume. People are specifically prejudiced because it appears to possible employers that an applicant lacks quality.”


Avoid using Irrelevant Information

You need not to write down all your former work place on your resume, a lot of irrelevant working story can mist the parts of your resume that explained your ability and utility to the company.

So do well to avoid information or skills that don’t directly relate to the current job you are looking for. I am talking about unnecessary information or skill not really required for the job you’re seeking to be employed.


Avoid using the same Resume for every job application

It might actually sound like a joke or funny, but the truth of the matter is that always try as much as possible to customize your resume each time you want to apply for a new job, this will really make you stand out among others.

A lot of organizations spend their time reviewing resumes submitted by job seekers, just for them to select the best.


Using an unprofessional Email address

Your email address shouldn’t be descriptive, indicatory, suggestive or curious, it should be professional and easily to recall and awareness created.

It should include your name, either your first name and your last name. It should be a professional email address, not the one you shared with your spouse or relatives.

You shouldn’t used nickname in your email, it is also unprofessional, a lot of organization or people don’t like it also.


Don’t Make It Too long

Before you start writing your resume make sure that everything you are showing on your resume aligns exactly with what the organization or company you want to work for is looking for, go through the job variety very well as many times you can, note those key points you seeing there’re specially skills, pinpoint the employer’s antecedence, then write down the numbers of experience you gathered that directly fit into what the employer’s want.

Also, make sure you build your resume with the most recent job experience, make your content straightforward and to the point, not too long.


Don’t Use Repetitive word

It is very vital that you don’t use iterate words through out your resume, your resume supposed to tell people about you, depending on the same word does not really state the description, range or increase your experiences.


Objective Statement

A resume objective is an eye spotting statement of your career engrossed that is put on the pinnacle or height of your resume.

The resume objective gives something useful or allow 2-3 satisfactory grab of your professional experience, knowledge, skills and achievements, and also go on to explain why you are the best candidate for the job.



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