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Tips for settling as an international student in Australia

Student Exchange in Australia
Student Exchange in Australia

Tips for settling as an international student in Australia

Traveling abroad for university comes with a lot of challenges, including adjusting to student life, Australian culture, and living abroad (especially if it’s your first time living away from home). Although at first, it may feel overwhelming, there are steps you can take to ensure that it continues to be a positive and satisfying experience.

we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to help you settle in

Check Into Your Accommodation

This is the first thing you need to do as soon as you arrive

it is important that you sort out your accommodation before booking a ticket be it on or off Campus, as it is very important. Getting an accommodation can be stressful but if you want to live on campus, securing one early enough will be advised.  However, if you want to lodge off campus, you can contact the student advising service or reliable websites to conduct your search.

Starting networking early

If you really want to ‘hit the ground running’ once you obtain your degree, you must know the value of networking while you’re still at uni. A range of networking opportunities are available for students, such as job fairs and mentoring programs. You never know who will lend you a helping hand when you’re getting started in your career

Attend Your Freshman Orientation Program

This is essential to giving you full access to the facilities and infrastructure of the school and confirming that you are an actual student. Contrarily, the orientation sessions enable you to meet people who will support you throughout your studies and learn more about the institution. It can last up to a week and is usually packed with enjoyable activities.

Open A Bank Account

various banks permit international students to open a bank account.  You will need to provide details such as your student ID, passport, a copy of your visa, and any additional documents that could be requested.

Set Up Your Phone

If your network provider does not permit international roaming and there are many free Wi-Fi options at the airport and around Australia, purchasing a sim is necessary when you arrive. A sim card is easy to get, and you can do so by ordering one online, visiting to a nearby shop, or going to a post office branch.

Apply For a Tax File Number

If you plan on working part-time as an international student, you must obtain a Tax File Number. it is necessary to get this done because it is a legal number that must have to acquire a job and be paid.

Purchase A Transport Card

One of the crucial things to get in your first few weeks is this because it will make it easier for you to use public transportation. In Australia, however, each city has its transport system, so depending on where you live and where your school is, you choose the one that works best. You will receive an OPAL Card for Sydney. A Smart Rider Card is required for Perth, a metro CARD is required for Adelaide, and a Myki Card is required for Melbourne.


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